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  1. It can be scary to talk about abusive relationships, which is why it was so powerful when Debby Ryan recently revealed to the public that she herself had been in one. Now she’s speaking up and helping others, and she’s also bringing attention to a type of abusive relationship we tend not to think about: the relationship between friends.

  2. Yesterday, Debby Ryan introduced us to the "Don't Look Away" campaign she is participating in with Mary Kay cosmetics. Today, she is telling us the amazing time she had at the event, in honor of the campaign. Read more to check out Part 2 of the interview.

  3. Debby Ryan teams up with "Don't Look Away" campaign with Mary Kay cosmetics, and for all the right reasons! Fanlala got the chance to speak with the Jessie star, and ask her why she feels this campaign is so important (besides the obvious reasons). Read more to watch the interview.

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