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    It's a cloudless late July afternoon in Los Angeles and Debby Ryan, the brassy star of the Disney Channel's Jessie, is sporting very un-Jessie white-blonde hair and still riding the adrenaline rush of last night. Ryan's band, The Never Ending, played their first-ever concert out in Pomona, about 90 minutes east of LA, to fans, friends and family.

  2. Debby Ryan may kill it in the acting department, but when she wanted to take a stab at directing, she knew it wouldn’t be easy. But that didn't stop her from going after her dream, and now, she's making her directorial debut with this Friday's episode of Jessie...

  3. When a star walks the red carpet, they can't be lugging around a heavy handbag, which is why Edie Parker's delicate clutches are the preferred portable accessory in Tinseltown....

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