1. It can be scary to talk about abusive relationships, which is why it was so powerful when Debby Ryan recently revealed to the public that she herself had been in one. Now she’s speaking up and helping others, and she’s also bringing attention to a type of abusive relationship we tend not to think about: the relationship between friends.

  2. Yesterday, Debby Ryan introduced us to the "Don't Look Away" campaign she is participating in with Mary Kay cosmetics. Today, she is telling us the amazing time she had at the event, in honor of the campaign. Read more to check out Part 2 of the interview.

  3. Debby Ryan teams up with "Don't Look Away" campaign with Mary Kay cosmetics, and for all the right reasons! Fanlala got the chance to speak with the Jessie star, and ask her why she feels this campaign is so important (besides the obvious reasons). Read more to watch the interview.

  4. Debby Ryan joined forces with the global cosmetics company Mary Kay and its campaign to prevent and end dating violence, because she personally suffered through such an unhealthy relationship. Read more to find out how Debby sruvived the experience. 

  5. Debby Ryan Reveals More About Her Dark Dating History. Plus, 7 Other Secrets. Read more for the interview!

  6. Hey Galaxy Members! Debby would like to to send you her appreciation for your dedication and support, and she would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to vote for her for the 2015 KCA's.

    Be sure to check out some pictures of Debby's adventures in Australia in the Galaxy Member Gallery HERE.

  7. Tune in tonight, Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 7:00pm to E! News – bites from Debby’s interview with Teen Vogue will air and include the Mary Kay campaign.

  8. Debby Ryan has earned millions of young fans as the star of the Disney Channel series Jessie. Now, Ryan is using her popularity outside the show to teach her young audience about a more adult lesson: domestic violence. She’s joined the “Don’t Look Away” campaign fighting domestic violence after escaping an abusive relationship herself.

  9. Debby Ryan is using her voice and star power for more good again, this time with Mary Kay and their Don’t Look Away program. JJJ caught up with Debby, 22, about the program and found out just why it’s super important to be a part of. Check it out after the jump.

  10. Thanks to you, I've been nominated for a Kid's Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress and my show Jessie has been nominated for Favorite Kid's TV show....

  11. To bring awareness to dating violence, an epidemic that impacts one in three young people today, American actress, singer and rising star Debby Ryan is partnering with global cosmetics giant Mary Kay as the company’s newest cause champion.

  12. Debby has just announced that she will be appearing at the Pre-Superbowl Fanfest at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel on January 31st! For more information or to purchase tickets to the event, head over to

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