1. MarVista Entertainment Group is reuniting with Disney Channel’s Debby Ryan, who will serve as an executive producer on “Jessica Darling’s It List.” Read more for details!

  2. If you’re mourning the end of American Idol after 15 seasons, YouTube Red might just have the answer with SING IT!

  3. Watch Debby Ryan Channel Her Inner Paula Abdul for YouTube Red's 'SING IT!'

  4. Debby Ryan shares the world's biggest Dirty Little Secret and tells how one amazing Key Club student can win a free trip to Africa!

  5. Attention Galaxy! Debby will be selling some of the clothes from her very own closet, as well as some red carpet looks and some of the items she's worn as Bailey & Jessie! More information will be available soon, so keep an eye on Debby's News section for details!

  6. What a night, and what a red carpet! Debby Ryan made us look twice on the red carpet: First, for the seamless incorporation of culottes in her trim pantsuit ensemble. Second, well, just because—she looks incredible. The Disney star's heart-printed clutch and turquoise pumps sealed the fashion win deal.

  7. Debby Ryan walked into practice. She was supposed to be ready to sing. But she wasn’t. She was having a bad day – “a terrible, terrible day,” she admitted later – but she didn’t want to show it...

  8. As you know, DEBBY RYAN + THE NEVER ENDING will be joining Fifth Harmony on their Reflection: The Summer Tour, and now they have announced that VIP Packages will be avilable during their portion of the tour. For more information, head over to The Never Ending Page and find your show!

  9. This week, Debby will be doing more than just starring in the latest episode of her hit series Jessie. She'll be directing the episode as well!! Check out the new episode called "Bye-Bye Bertie" this Friday, May 15 at 8pm on the Disney Channel.

    For a behind the scenes reel of Debby in action, head over to

  10. Big News!!! Debby Ryan & The Never Ending will be joining the Fifth Harmony's Reflection: The Summer Tour through August 13th! Tickets for the tour will be going on sale to the public starting May 1st! Check out the list of dates after the jump.

  11. Which Celebrity Pastel Dye Job Is Your Favorite Now?

    Plus one for the blue brigade!

  12. Debby Ryan's music with her band The Never Ending is about to live on forever – in the coolest way! The singer's brother Chase Ryan got a new tattoo, and Debby handwrote lyrics from one of her band's songs to be included in the design! Read more to check out the design. 

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